Welcome to the Redridge Cronicles

Welcome, Kind Reader, to my humble pages of World of Warcraft fan fiction. Please be so good as to enjoy my stories, mostly about Alliance characters.

  • The tale of Bannog and Ariciel – My main characters. It is the story of how they meet, fall in love, and Ariciel’s long search for her lost family. Set somewhat before the Scourge wars.
  • The second tale of Bannog and Ariciel – This is the story of the striuggle between Bannog’s castle and the Blackrock Orcs, set during the times of the Zombie Plague and the coming of the Scourge.
  • Steamy and Hot – The family history of the family of Gnomes who play an important role in Tale the Second. Deals with the dark aspects of Warlocks, and the even darker aspects of Engineering.
  • NPC Blues – Miscellaneous stories featuring various non-player characters that may be found all around Azeroth.
  • Peasants! – Conversations between an Orc Peon and a Human Peasant.

I thrive on comments. If you enjoy these stories, don’t hesitate to tell me. If you don’t, tell me what’s wrong.

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