Tanked a few dungeons

I think my girl did admirably given that she hadn’t been there before. We did the Spire in the Sky, with a pugged-in hunter DPS who insisted on pulling for me. So I let him have a few mobs but he failed to die. Most disappointing. After that Rici flew to the Halls of Origination and met Brann again. Various new bosses were met, but to be honest, it felt a bit like Wrath. Surely, we cannot already be overgearing these instances?

I find I generate silly amounts of threat these days, and can even keep up with the destro-gnome Wubbles.  The only thing that gets me is if my friendly DPSses start on a different mob than me.  The old “Gimme a few cooldowns to generate threat” still holds.

I should probably drill it into people that X marks the spot for DPS. I think I can’t do much more than my macro, which sticks up a cross on the thing I’m hitting, drops a message in the chat window and a voice emote into the bargain. “ASSAULT THIS FOE!” I should probably also shout it out when I growl at something.

I have now replaced Challenging Roar with Skull Bash on my keybinds, on the grounds that I’ve never seen Challenging Roar do anything remotely useful and I do occasionally need to interrupt spellcasting.

All in all, a nice evening tanking.

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