Fun in Ulduar

Today’s team Pirate raid took us into Ulduar – a fresh run. First time in a Siege Engine. We were going for hard modes, as we should, so a bit of a heads up. We kept all the towers up for the achievement. Waheyy.

Next, we got Ignis the fire bloke. He went down easily, and we all got the speed kill.

On the request of one of the DPSses, we then proceeded to Razorscale, and tried for the achievement. The idea is to have 25 Iron Dwarves die to Razorscale’s fire. Geared as we are, the main problem is not to kill too many dwarves ourselves. We did. No achievement for us.

Then, on to Crazy Cat Lady. At level, this is a pretty intense fight. As it was, we could sadly ignore most of the fight mechanics and burn her down by sheer force.

On to Hodders. This is an interesting dance. Break out the frozen NPCs, then burn Hodir. Don’t let the snow fall on your head. Get on the piles of snow when Hodders does his flash freeze, then chop out the muppets who didn’t stand on the snow.

The discs dropped, so we went on to Algalon, who, sad to say, pwned us. The main thing that went wrong was that there so many black holes that you couldn’t move without being sucked into one, which is exactly what you want when he does his Big Bang, but not when you’re trying to hit him. So we died horribly, and left to lick our wounds and reflect on how to keep the black holes under control.

Next, Freya with all her friends still up. This, we executed well. My job was fairly simple: keep Freya away from the rest of the club. Tree-friends were duly killed off, mushroom boy burnt down, trees chopped down as soon as they appeared, and lashers daisy-cuttered into oblivion. Finally Freya was free of the influence of Yoghurt.

At which point we called the raid. Good afternoon of fun!

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