Cuchullainn dinged 35!

Cuchullainn is making good progress. Tale-wise, I’ve got a fairly good idea what’s going to happen to him, but game-wise, I’m not sure. I had the notion of teaching him PvP, but he’s mostly been questing. Perhaps I should just flag him while questing, and just jump any flagged Hordie. Gonna have to be pretty paranoid then, but perhaps that’s what you get. Oh, and in that case, I will fit him out with all manner of heirlooms because I want a good chance of winning most of the time.

On the other hand, I could level him through dungeons. I’ve hardly ever done low-level dungeons, and that might be interesting.

Finally, I could just carry on questing like I’ve levelled all my characters, Quests -> Heroics -> Raiding. Will have to sleep on it.

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