So Mr. Flame Leviathan, we meet again.

Team Pirate ran into Ulduar once more, and many achievements were… achieved. Starting with Three Car garage. All these times, Ariciel hadn’t ridden one of these fancy motorbikes. Pyrite was picked up, sound waves were shot, and oilslicks were made. Flame Leviathan these days falls apart without any encouragement at all.

Next… Razorscale. Now Razorscale has these little friends who come up out of the ground, and try to beat up those nasty people who winch down Lady Razor. Unfortunately for them, their Lady’s breath is… harmful to them. So the trick is to grab a whole bunch of them, being very careful not to kill them yourself, and hold them in front of the dragon till she breathes on them. They die, repeat 25 times, achievement! Not that we’re nasty or anything…

Next one up was XT-002. This, with the greatest of sympathy to that boss, is a roflstomp for ten lvl-85s, even on hard mode. So we got the speedkill on that. Kologarn’s arms fell, then his body. Next Auriaya, and her cats. Which opened up the way to the Old Gods, who had fallen in with entirely the wrong crowd.

Oh, Mimiron. Someone pressed the Button That Shall Not Be Pressed, and we all got the Firefighter achievement. Then, Freya went splat. Thorim went down (and let me tell you, having your wife turn into a tentacle has to ruin your day). Then, Hodir. During the Hodir run, nobody got ice-blocked in the whole run. Achievements all round, happy faces.

And then, there was the Squelching One. We got Freya to help us (no hard feelings), and she kept us mostly sane while we blasted down Yog. I find this one of the most annoying fights. It’s really nice if you can move when you need to, and there are so many slow down debuffs going round. I do know by now what I need to do, outsiode of the brain room, so it’s just a matter of keeping down the correct tentacles. (Hi mum, if you’re reading this, no I haven’t gone mad).

I now have a bronze proto-drake, apparently. I do hope you got that automatically, because I didn’t loot anything specific for it.

Went to Dalaran, watched the lightshow, called the raid. Many thanks all!

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