The Redridge Chronicles

These are the tales of Bannog, his Night-elf love Ariciel, their friends and their enemies.

AUTHOR: Menno Willemse. FANDOM: World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment. DISCLAIMER: All WoW non-player characters are the property of Blizzard Entertainment. All Blizzard Trademarks acknowledged. CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic violence, Adult themes, Implied sex.

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Stories so far:

When I wrote these stories, I had a specific audience in mind, namely my friends, guild-mates and acquaintances. I have published these stories in other places, and my wife has posted them in her guild’s forums. These are not stories for children. Quite apart from the violence that comes with a fighting game, there is Humanity’s other indelible pastime – sex. Now if you are looking for steamy bed scenes, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Body parts rarely even enter the picture, and in general, once I’ve indicated what happens, I leave it up to your imagination what happens next. There is much instructive material on the Internet, should you need it.

Tale the First had as a theme the differences between culture. Night-elves in my corner of the WoWniverse are quite liberal, with various sexual orientations being seen mostly as a matter of taste, and polyamory being fairly common. Humans, on the other hand, are much less open, officially always monogamous and heterosexual. Any deviations from that are frowned upon, and happen in the dark, away from judging eyes. And then a Human and a Night-elf fall in love with each other. How will they reconcile their differences?

Tale the Second expanded on this. I’m showing all kinds of attitudes: Selena, who is faintly disgusted by the whole girl-on-girl thing, but is willing to listen to explanations. The homosexual girl who is terrified that people will find out about her orientation, and not without reason. Bannog, who is quite straight and has to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend has a girlfriend.

And then, we have Strange Last Days… Oh my. The premise is that something goes wrong with Exodar, and the Draenei have to spend a year slowly motoring in to Azeroth. They have air, heat, water, and Emarree for food in not one, but two flavours. So what do the Draenei do to entertain themselves? Well, chess, of course, and mathematics. Music. Invent-your-own-religion. Hunt-the-remaining-blood-elves. And one form of entertainment that is mostly free of charge, and for some reason never seems to go out of fashion, repetitive though it is. Apart from observations from the day-to-day lives of engineers, I try to explore the difference between physical attraction, sex-for-fun and sex-for love.

Steamy (as in Griggin and his expertise in all things steam) and Hot (as in Lenna the fire mage). It’s a marriage forged on fire. Griggin has the problems of any warlock in keeping his sanity. Lenna has her wild and irresponsible past. This is mainly an exploration into what it means to be… evil. Also, how good people can sometimes do evil things either because they do not realise it at the time or because they are choosing the lesser of two evils. While there is sex in “Steamy and Hot”, it’s not quite as prominent as in the other two stories.

The latest story is “Selena and the Wolf”. Half of it is Selena’s growing up. The other half is Cullan’s descent into the nastier parts of Gilneas, the grubby, nasty world of thieves, thugs, murderers, prostitutes, and the people who employ them. And (hopefully) how Cullan breaks free of this world and comes to terms with his newly acquired and much more hairy personality. It also shows Nægling, the Paladin woman who has suffered tremendously, first at the hands of her enemies, then of her so-called allies. Nix Steambender is back. So is Interalia, the lovable Gnome rogue.

At the end of Tale-II, I stuck Bannog and Stetson on the boat, and at the start of “Selena and the Wolf”, I did the same to Ariciel and Mareva. I wonder what they are up to. Ladies first, I think. I have once more appropriated one of my wife’s characters, Ellandriel, who is a young High-borne Mage, living in exile in the crumbling city of Endre’thalas, or as it’s also known, Dire Maul. With Endre’thalas’ main power source gone, she and her Teacher go on a journey of discovery. Along the way, she meets a certain Druid and a Draenei Shaman.

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