Heroic Grim Batol

Or… Heroics is hard, yo.

So here I was, levelling the Worgen, when the call ges out on Extended Guild Chat… “Anyone up for heroics?” Hell yeah! Parked Cullan in the pub, pulled out the Druidbeargirl. I get the invite, we zone in… Halls of Origination. This turned out to be too much for me – In my just-about-heroics-capable kit, I’m still too squishy to tank that. So, we zone out, plunder the guild bank for agility enchants, and zone back in again. Grim Batol. Now this place, I have completed before, but that was with a bunch of mad raid-geared DPSes and ditto healer. The various Azeroth Buccaneers aren’t quite there yet. Still, mustn’t grumble, give it a go.

Crowd control. Oh, crowd control. It’s not for show anymore, people. It’s a necessity. A full pack of mobs will kill you, and you have to stick a few of them to the floor so you can deal with them one by one. We had a mage, a rogue, a shaman and a warlock. Sheep, Banish, Shackle, Fear, Hex, Sap, and occasionally my Hibernate. Not all of them work all the time, but enough of them work most of the time.

Packs were dispatched without much trouble, hop on the drakes and bomb the stuffing out of the gathered masses. This is an enormous help on the run through, as they don’t heal and you get to knock off some of their health before fighting them on foot.

Then there’s this two-headed dude who switches weapons on you. Either BIG FLAMES (run awaaaay), two swords (Tank blows her Ursine cooldowns), or a big mace (Run!). Also, he leaves pools of badness, which you have to kite him out of. And then he falls over eventually.

Grim Batol has lots of packs to practice on, so by the time we got to the first Dragonkin boss, we were operating like a well-lubricated piece of engineering. Took two tries to bring down the boss, and I’m afraid I don’t remember the specifics very well. On through more and more packs, and we come to the next boss.

This is a guy who wanders about at the end of a walkway, inspecting the walls for dry rot. You aggro the bugger, and you beat the crap out of him till he’s had enough and jumps into the lava. He lands on a dragon. Oh shit. The dragon leaves big piles of white, which are unhealthy and get out of them. Second, once in a while she makes a portal and a creature comes out, takes a dislike to someone and heads for them, neatly marked with a burning thread. When you meet, he blows up. With a big boom. Quite too big a boom for poor Ariciel, let alone someone who isn’t a tank. So when It looks at You, you run like fuck till your buddies burn him down. And then the dragon takes a deep breath and produces a ridiculous amount of flame over a ridiculously large area. And once I stopped being silly, that’s what killed us. Sadly, we had to give up at that point as people were running late.

All in all, a very instructive evening, if not as profitable as it could have been.

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