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Words have power.

Gods yes.

Those words have history, and not a pretty history. Sometimes I wonder, if you carefully explained to people that “nigger” was a word that was once used to describe people who were abducted from their homes, shipped over the ocean in conditions that defy imagination, then sold like cattle… They’d have to realise that that really happened, they’d have to see in their mind’s eye the incredible amounts of suffering. See before them the decks of the ships with the bodies neatly laid out so that as many as possible could be taken, because anything from fifteen to thirty percent would die due to the conditions on board. People lying below decks on a heaving ship, chained to a bench, lying in their own filth. For weeks on end. That is what it means.

I’ve seen the documentaries about Dachau, been taught about it at school. Auschwitz is still there, “Arbeit macht frei” and all, lest people forget. I’ve seen myself the effect child abuse has on someone’s mind, effects that go on for longer than (I guess) most of the people here have been alive.

Kids playing with matches.

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