Kindle that doesn’t burn.

Well so far so good, amazingly. Went to the Land of T’esc’o, shelled out £111, went home with a box, plugged the contents into my laptop and up popped a USB drive with appropriately named subdirectories. Dumped a PDF in there, ejected it, and there it was! Now this was the current state of “Selena and the Wolf”, and I’d formatted it for A4 pages, so the text came out very small. So a bit of fiddling with tales2html and xhtml2pdf later, I had the whole story on A6 paper, with a Sans Serif 12pt font, a 1em paragraph lead-in, and no blank lines, which is much more comfortable to read. So now I can Take the Tale on the Tube, and jot little notes in it for editing of an evening. It’ll also let me read IBM Redbooks on the train, which is the serious reason I bought this thing.

Haven’t done anything untoward like registering it, or enabling it to chatter with its mates over at Amazon on my net, so I hope it won’t start reminding me of all the amazing offers of amazingness I’m missing in a few months or so.

But so far, so good. I am surprised.

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