Welcome Griggin Steambender!

This is the first time I’ve ever spent money on WoW other than buying the subscription. I’ve retired Aquaregis (Who was dead in-story since Tale the First), and re-named and re-customised him as Griggin, who you’ll be pleased to know is alive and kicking and living in Stormwind at the moment. This is mainly in order that I can put him through his paces in my lovely wife’s group of Gnomes, called Gnome Mercy. He’s lagging a bit, level wise, but I bought him a nice heirloom and maybe Gnome Mercy will find it in their collective little hearts to drag him through the Scarlet Monastery a few times. He’s currently at level for that, so Scarlets beware! Skurikraksha wants a piece of you!

Tale-wise, I’m almost done with “Selena and the wolf”. Nix has to start on the road to recovery, Selena and Smitty have to come to some sort of understanding and Naegling and Smitty… are doing just fine together thank you. Oh, and there’s something about to happen with a dragon of some sort. Just a minor event, I assure you.

Now that I have a new shiny Kindle, I want my stories on that as well, of course. My current solution is a PDF in DIN A6 format, with a 12-point sans-serif font. So far this has done me well, but occasionally, the Kindle’s PDF reader would hide the last line on a page, usually a bit of dialog. I fixed that by setting the margin to zero. So far so good. The drawbacks are that it is fairly difficult to jump between chapters. The Kindle’s PDF reader doesn’t understand paragraph headers. So I think I’ll try to create .mobi files. Amazon, bless them, provide a program for Linux even, that will convert between HTML and MOBI.  So I’ll give that a try when I get home. If it can be persuaded to read from stdin, I can set up the pipe from tales2html | kindlegen as well as xhtml2pdf. I get the impression that kindlegen is a bit more stylesheet-aware, but we shall see.

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