There’s no mercy like Gno mercy

Well, Griggin’s ready, Level 40, all repaired up, the phone number to his favourite Daemon on speed-dial and gazing at the important lewts that are currently illegitimately being held by various mobs. his is the first time I’ll be levelling a character in a group setting, and ITP seem like a nice enough group to do it in. Another thing is that ITP has people who know how to do PvP. I think that the experience may improve mightily if you aren’t running round like a headless chicken, providing free honour for the Horde.

Tale-wise… I’m on the final chapter to “Selena and the Wolf”, and the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Stupid dragons. As a famous Halfling once said, you shouldn’t laugh at a living dragon. Just to be safe, don’t laugh at dead ones either. Instead, burn them to a crisp and scatter the ashes.

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