Warlocking across the universe

So… Mr. Steambender did his first few dungeons, and survived. Now I’ve never been in any complex dungeon like Dire Maul with a pet, so let’s get this straight… We jump down a ledge. Does your daemon:

1) Leap after you?

2) Stand still, saying “No sodding way, mate. You’re tiny and square cube law’s a bitch.”

3) Run the long way round, returning to your side with a whole bunch of friends it picked up along the way?

Go on. Guess. So next time, you tell the bugger to stay put, then bloody well summon him after you’ve jumped.

I became painfully aware that Warlocks have none of these nifty speedups that blinking mages have. The only one who has a bit of a sprint is Skurikraksha. Which meant that I usually arrived long after the tank, just in time to put in a few curses. Demonology ‘locks are not the most heavy hitters in existence, but still I was annoyed to find that I trailed the DPS lists, sometimes being out-DPS’ed by the flipping water elemental. That picture did improve a biot when adding my Daemon’s DPS to the total. Will have to re-evaluate.

I got a bit of Warlocking tuition from Mike of ITP, who told me a few important things:

1) My Daemon’s “Axe throw” is a useful remote interrupt. So I’ve stuck it on the * on my number pad.

2) Don’t bother with Immolate, it takes too long to cast.

3) Keep Corruption, Bane of Agony and Hand of Gul’dan up, and in between shadow bolt the bejeezus out of the buggers. Which I was already doing.

Still… Need more practice. So I have parked Griggin in Theramore, by the nice dummies, and will proceed to pound the stuffing out of those tonight, and fine-tune my keybinds.

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