Selena and the wolf, part 1: Undiscovered Country

Part 1: Undiscovered country

Cullan bared his fangs, and snarled. The man’s hands shot out, and held his head in a grip that Cullan knew he could never break. He knew exactly where to push to open his mouth. From a bottle, he quickly poured a foul liquid down his throat, then held his mouth shut, rubbing his hand on Cullan’s throat to make him swallow. Cullan’s claws clenched, and he tried to roar through a mouth held tightly shut. He was poisoned. Already, he felt his limbs weaken, his heartbeat slowing down. The Humans and the Elf had killed him, and he would not even be able to take any down with him. The world darkened, and his soul floated, floated away. Just before darkness finally closed in, he heard a voice.

“The word is potion, Fairbreeze. Potion.”

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