Part 2: Out of the nest, and Part 3: The value of education

Just this week, two chapters. Chapter 2 is a bit short, so there. We meet Hieronimo the Dwarf Hunter, Uncle Berrin and Thorfin Stoneshield.

“Just make up a name.” the girl leaned forward. “Names have power. They shape who you are. Come on. What shall I call you?”

Cullan thought. It looked like he had fallen in with what in his house servant days he would have called ‘The Wrong Crowd’. The young lady was right. He would not want to sully his former self’s reputation with the deeds he was likely to be doing. What to name himself? Cullan’s grandmother had often told him tales of faraway lands, ancient warriors, kings and princes. One figure had always frightened him, yet fascinated him. A hero of his time, who would turn to a hideous creature in battle. He looked up at the girl.

“Call me Cuchullainn,” said Cullan.

The girl nodded. “They call me ‘The Fence’. If you ever have some bit of property that you need to shift, with no questions asked, I’m your girl. Pay you a fair price. No questions answered, neither.”

“Pleased to meet you… Miss Fence?”

“Loren,” said the girl. “And no, my dear old mother dint call me that, may she rest in peace.”

“I am sorry for your loss,” said Cullan.

“Ancient history, love. Ancient history.” Her eyes, light brown and deep, pierced him. “And nobody here likes history.”

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