Griggin in Dire Maul… again.

So the Gno Mercy gang convened again last night. We were one Gnome short, so we needed to pug in a DPS. This arrived in the form of a night-elf hunter who disconnected quickly, leaving the little guys to fend for themselves. So… We four-manned the place. Nooo worries. Then, we got a paladin DPS who obviously wanted to play on his own. So we let him. It took him a surprisingly long time to die, but finally he ate floor, informed us that we sucked and went his way. The other DPSes we got (hunters both) were friendly, capable and patient enough not to run all over the place.

I have to admit. Skurikraksha, my Felguard, is a bit of a handfull. I now have a button that says basically “HEEL!” which I can mash whenever it runs off into the Blue. I have also macro’d his axe toss ability so I can stun/interrupt annoying casters or give the healer a few seconds to run away from the mob nomming on her. Its Legion Strike (big-ass cleave) was a bit annoying at times, and I may have to turn it off in situations where I need to stomp on one mob only. And it also has a Suicidestorm/Whirlwind attack, which it delights to do as it comes running back at me. Git.

DPSing at a distance is relatively new to me, since everything else I play regularly is melee DPS or tank. I find I have a much better view of what’s going on. Which allows me to help EJ-the-healergnome when she’s beset by mobs.

One thing that surprises me, is the way Griggin never seems to run out of mana, except when he does continuous rains of fire. I didn’t even have life tap under a key, which goes to show. I do now. Warlocks do seriously unhealthy things.

All in all it was a good run, Griggin got some nice upgrades, including the voodoo mask, and some much needed experience. May have to do a bit more work on his UI, though. Mostly for micro-managing the Daemon.

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