Part 5: The nail on the head

Part 5: The nail on the head

The next chapter in the ongoing story of Selena and the Wolf. This is where we meet Naegling and Interalia. One is a Paladin who kicks arse in the name of the Light. The other is a Rogue, who remembers her?

The wind was in his face. The night was cool, and a full moon was out. He ran, faster than the wind, faster than a speeding bird. The feeling was incredible. He knew he could keep it up as long as he wanted. The Night-elf, Fairbreeze, had visited them this evening, and by the leave of the Boss, had taken him out into the forest. Fairbreeze had taught Cullan how to run. Run wild, free. Cullan knew he was cursed, but this magnificent feeling almost made up for it. Just for the sheer fun of it, he leapt onto a large boulder, then jumped off, to see how far he could reach. He landed on his hands, let his arms give a little, then pushed himself back up, and ran on with a grin on a face well suited to grinning. In front of him was a hill, and he attacked it, devoured it, made it his, with unlimited strength, pushing his muscles as hard as he could. Within mere seconds, he reached the top of the hill, and looked out over the moonlit forest before him. His flanks rose and fell quickly with short breaths, until finally, he breathed in the scents of the forest all round him.

Cuchullain howled.

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