part 6: Travel well

Part 6: Travel well

It was the appointed hour, and the appointed place, just North of Galardell Valley. Gerrig looked round. They were in the middle of a field, waiting for the Orcs to arrive. He was about to find out how honourable Orcs really were, as only six soldiers accompanied him. Albert had assured him that the chance of any foul play was minimal. Orcs lived their lives by strict codes of honour, and once they had given their word, that was their bond. Theoretically. If any foul play did occur, their resident Gnome Rogue was under orders to report back to the castle. Gerrig did not know where she was, which was good.

We’re about to see the Blackrock way of saying they’re sorry.  Meanwhile, Selena is being trained in the ways of the hunter, and also introduced to the vibrant night-life of Kharanos.

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