Griggin in Upper Blackrock Spire

Yesterday night, I went out Gnoming with Griggin, Anklebijter the tank, EJ the healer, and Snapnozzle the rogue. Not entirely happy with how it went:

  1. As a demo warlock, my single target DPS sucks. I need big clumps of mobs all standing in my lovely purple Hand-of-Gul’dan glow to get the numbers. I can shoot to the top of the recount list fairly easily by dropping Hand of Gul’dan, having Skuri rush out, dropping rain of fire and then making the Felguard whirl. Given, of course, enough mobs.
  2. If I’m on single targets, I drop Bane of Agony, Corruption, Hand of Gul’dan, and Immolation, recasting when anything drops. I then fill up with shadowbolts, unless my fast soulfire procs. DPS in that case is ridiculously low despite all this frantic activity. I wish the damn cast times were shorter, and to that end, I probably should starft re-prioritising on haste. Can you enchant for haste?
  3. Skurikraksha, the fel hunter is all over the place if you let him, happily pounding on the mobs. He’s also an aggro magnet like you won’t believe! This could be due to the fact that: (a) I’m the lowest level toon out there, (b) it’s a demon and more visible, (c) I should give mobs wider berths. I may have to tweak my HEEL DEMON! macro a bit to stick it on passive, and my “attack” button to put it back on “assist”.

Apart from that, a fun evening was had by all, though we did get a few utter numpties as pugs. The first was a hunter who thought she’d just follow the healer and soak up the XP. No such luck girlie girl. Hunter got left somewhere along the entrance and we proceeded to four-gnome the instance till Hunter caught on and deigned to summon a pet and take a few potshots now and then until we votekicked her.

The second was a freshly-emerged Worgen Death Knight who was still sooo impressed with these nice purple threads that make the mobs come to him. He was also in blood presence, which annoys the tank. He somehow managed to stay alive despite punitive lack of heals, and then he wanted to go for “Jenkins”. No fookin’ chance, mate. Come back when you’re bigger.

Meanwhile, Griggin is now level 55, may have to do a bit of questing to get him up to level with the rest of the guys. I’ll also have to scour my other alts for some useful heirlooms. Miszra is looking at me suspiciously already. Sorry girl. Pretty dress for you.


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