part 7: Face value

Part 7: Face Value

Selena breathed in deep. A dark-haired man was gently stroking her cheek, and she sighed. Hmm. I’m having one of those dreams. What are you going to do to me, Lieutenant? With that, consciousness floated in and she woke up, slightly annoyed at being ripped away just as she was getting to the good bit. Reality asserted itself.


It is the morning after the night before, and Selena and Hieronimo are about to learn a valuable lesson. Aggressive pets can be a pain in the arse. (This part of the storywas obviously written before the patch that did away with aggressive pets and substituted the much more useful “Assist” mode. Stuff Blizzard, I’m not changing it. There’ll be opportunity to learn later.) Also, Nix Steambender arrives at Caer Bannog, and Cullan arrives at Lord Grayson’s, with dishonest intent.

O dear.

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