Where to go, what to do?

Having serious thoughts on priorities. I have several characters on WoW and not enough time for them all. Even if I drop everything else, neglect the boy and all that… I can’t possibly develop them all. So who do I go for?

  • Ariciel – Currently my best-geared 85, which I’m afraid is not saying much. Needs loads of upgrades, needs loads of expensive enchants, needs lots of Leatherworking levelling. She’s a tank. AB is dead for dungeons, so even if I do manage to get her up to spec, there’s nothing for her to do.
  • Bannog – My once-and-always main. Not as geared as Ariciel. Arms warrior. Needs to upgrade all his trade skills, and needs massive gear upgrades.
  • Cuchullainn – My Worgen rogue. New soloing project. Once he gets to lvl85, not sure what to do with him. He’s at least fun to play.
  • Griggin – Currently my only social-play toon. More or less guaranteed a slot on Tuesdays, and occasionally useful to the group for mowing down clumps of adds.
  • Miszra – A ha ha. Languising in Shatt at level 60 at the moment. Created when V threatened to shard Mareva.
  • Hieronimo – Glyph writer who needs many big trips herbing as ink has changed.

What to do, what to do? It would be nice to have a heroics-capable tank, but I’ve got nobody to tank for. Dammit, I miss Azeroth Buccaneers.

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