Gnomercy! Griggin gets scary!

Griggin Steambender, Warlock Engineer


Well, Griggin got a lot scarier since the last post about him. We went Gnoming as usual on a Tuesday evening, and all of us got to level 60 or beyond, which means two things of course: Outland and Flying! We wandered into the Ramparts, and set about beating the stuffing out of the Orcs there. Since these are Burning Legion dungeons, the tactic of “Gather them all up and AoE the living crap out of them” strategy is still very much in evidence. Griggin, as a Demonologist, is very very good at that. First, send in the Felguard. Second, Cast Hand of Gul’dan on one of the hapless Orcs so Skuri kicks harder. Then, rain fire on the bastards. While channeling, hit Skurikraksha’s “Axe Storm” capability. And then, basically sit back and enjoy the show while Griggin floats to the top of the damage meters. Nice to see that he can hold his own against the rogues. On a single target, on the other hand, he doesn’t fare as well. Single target DPS means: Send in the big dude, apply any and all DoT’s you have, add shadow bolts until one of the DoTs drops off and re-apply as appropriate. And watch Griggin languish at the bottom of the damage done list. Strength and weakness analysis complete.

With the Ramparts duly pwned, we went on a guild run through Molten Core, to observe Ragnaros with no pants on, then Blackwing’s place, being trailed along by a bunch of ridiculously over-specced lvl85s. Needless to say, we dominated the place and to Griggin’s neverending glee, six out of the eight pieces of Tier 1 Warlock kit dropped, followed by two pieces of Tier 2. Oh yeah! Mr. Steambender is gonna be melting faces! Thank you very much, O Great ones of Immune To Psychology. We will put this to good use, even if next week we’ll be on holiday.

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