part 9: Reputation? We’ve heard of it.

Part 9: Reputation? We’ve heard of it

I think we should be able to roll butlers in-game. Butlers can be deadly when cornered, and they always murder their masters. The illustration was drawn by [info]shadumbra, moderator of wow_fanart, in less than 15 minutes, using nothing but MS Paint. Incredible!

“You’re still not thinking like a proper tea leaf, are you? You’re still thinking like a… what were you, anyway?”

Cullan raised himself, brushed some dust off his leather jacket.

“I was a butler, Miss Loren. It was my duty, and my pleasure, to look after the house, and guide the maid servants in their duties.”

Loren leant back in her chair, looked at Cullan, said nothing.

“I would serve tables, see to it that the furnishings were kept in repair, plan the meals, keep the wine cellar stocked. Lay out clothes for m’lord and milady to wear. I would take the children to school. In general, I would take care of the mundane and the menial, either by my own hands or those of the servants entrusted to me.”

Other than that, things are starting to get grim in Gilneas.

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