part 10: Sacrifice

Part 10: Sacrifice

Things are heating up in Gilneas and in Redridge. In Gilneas, Cullan’s reputation is about to go below freezing. In Redridge, Nails is about to do a very brave, or as interalia puts it, a very stupid thing. And only Rogues can save us. We are well and truly stuffed.

Cuchullainn was seething. How could he have been so stupid? Of course, he should have kept his mouth shut. As long as he’d been alive, it had been hammered into him. Be kind to women. You may think you’re the Lords of Creation, but they are Creation. Cherish them. Honour them. Do not let them come to harm. And now, through his sheer stupidity… Cuchullainn growled, and ran on through the dark, not caring whether anyone saw him in his True Form. There would be hell to pay. Gezza didn’t have anything to do this night. Cuchullainn knew where to find him.

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