Ariciel in Troll heroics?

Well that was nice. Once more, I am indebted to my friends in Immune To Psychology for providing me with heals and advice on bear tanking. This was the first time I’ve taken Ariciel into a dungeon for a longlong time, but still I hope I didn’t do anything spectacularly bad.

So… It seems that Ariciel is now well and truly my main, followed by my Warlock Griggin. So what are the plans? Well, It seems I can tank heroics in my current gear, but I’m a bit of a challenge for the healers. With my shiny new threat buff, I no longer need to fear that over-enthusiastic DPSses rip aggro off me. Swipe/Thrash spam is back. It also seems that I am going to do a lot of lolkitty DPS when there’s content that’s demonstrably too hard for Ariciel to tank. This requires me to re-spec. So off-spec kitty. I’ll also need to re-optimise my gear. Kitties want crit, not dodge. The “hybrid” role on MrRobot shows me what to do, but the problem with hybrids is that they tend to suck equally in both roles, and I’d ideally like to have a role I’m really good at and one that will do passably, but is understood to be second. Also, Ariciel is a tank. No two ways about it. I don’t think I have the time to support more than one role on two characters. Bannog is going to be very bored.

So, what then are my priorities?

  1. Weapon. What I want, is what any bear tank wants, the Witch Hunter’s harvester. Which means I need to provide Truegold (8), Heavy Savage Leather (6), Hardened Elementium Bar (4), Chaos Orb (5). Chaos orbs are soulbound, so Vic’s blacksmith has to do those. Ariciel can do the savage leather. Bannog can probably do the hardened elementium bars. Truegold will be an auction house job. None of mine can mine/smelt it.
  2. Trousers. A Justice Point job for the Stormrider’s Legguards. Rici can enchant them herself. Dungeons. Lotsa dungeons.
  3. Ring. Since I already have Mataklap’s band, I want the Signet of the Elder Council. Which means sucking up to the Cenarion Circle. Dive into Vashj’ir, get the tabard and dungeon. I see a pattern developing here.

When I have those, I’ll start thinking again. Take a deep breath, and port yourself into Vashj’ir. Oh Mr. Arok? One tabard, please.

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