Facemelting in the Ramparts

Griggin Steambender, Warlock Engineer


It’s official, Griggin is one scary little Gnome.  Clothes do really make the Gnome after all. It only slightly worries me that we’re in Outland now where the tactics of Gather Them All Up And AoE The Crap Out Of Them is still feasible. I’ll have to investigate Griggin’s crowd controls and interrupts next. He’s got Fear, so it’s probably a good idea to stick that on a likely key. Also, I missed a great opportunity to use Enslave Daemon. The place was crawling with them. Felguard and Succubus? This is starting to sound like someone’s slash story.

Still, I’m glad Griggin is now well and truly pulling his weight in our little group.

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