part 13: Puppy dog eyes

Part 13: Puppy dog eyes

Selena watched them turn towards her, and charge. In a splintered second, Selena understood. Knew that they were enemies, and that either the Dwarves, or she, would not see the sun set on this day. These Dwarves would not rest until she was dead, her body crushed and hacked to pieces, or until the Dwarves themselves were slain. She felt afraid, could look at herself being afraid, but then, she found she had already put the fear to one side. She pulled an arrow out of her quiver, saw that the only gap in their armour was the Dwarfs’ faces, aimed, and fired. A tiny fraction of her mind marvelled at this supreme calm. Not even the sight of a Dark Iron Dwarf falling to his knees, pulling her arrow out of his eye, then collapsing, could break her trance. Not even the Dark Iron commander yelling, pointing at them, ordering more of his men to attack them, broke Selena’s intense concentration.

There are no strangers here. Just enemies who haven’t killed you yet. And there is only one good way to keep them from fulfilling their deepest wishes – get there first. Though you may want to agree with your friends first who is an enemy and who isn’t.

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