Yesterday we be re-joining the old band of scallywags from ye olde Azeroth Buccaneers, and it be good to see me old mateys again. There was a mite few of us to be tryin’ for the raiding, so we be five-manning a few heroic dungeons. That land-lubber Korenwolf who be walkin’ the plank to Eye Tee Pee be the tank, so me bonny lass Ariciel be shreddin’ the scallywags from behind. She be needin’  a wee bit o’practice at this, and to be usin’ some of the tricks that ye don’t get to do when yer goin’ it alone, but she be pulling her weight. She be sportin’ a right bonny pair o’ the trousers now, thanks to a wee run in the Heroics.

She be a bit disappointed on the run o’ the Deadmines, due to doin’ a wee spot o’ dying on the tunnel, but she be running back quick enough to send that scunner Vanessa von Cleef to Davy Jones’ locker.

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