part 14: Sailing, sailing, into the West

Part 14: Sailing, sailing, into the West

Nægling reined in her horse. Cullan felt her body stiffen against his own.

“Is something the matter, Sister?”

“Undead,” said Nægling. “Ahead of us. On the road.”

Cullan looked. At a glance, he could count six or seven bodies in the gloom. Even in his Human disguise, he thought he could smell them.

“O dear,” he said.

“Bother,” said Nægling.


I did wonder if I needed to put this behind a cut for prolific swearing. Things are about to get violent on the road to Menethil. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is preparing to set sail on the good ship Aviana’s Wingbeat.

I should probably mention that the song Naegling and Cullan use to time their attack is “The Crown And the Ring”, by Manowar. Rapalje, whom Cuchullainn so tragically slaughtered, do a nice cover version, which you should be able to find on Youtube.

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