part 15: Sailor’s hornpipe

Part 15: Sailor’s Hornpipe

“But what is it that worries you? Is it the difference in size? I assure you, true beauty cannot be measured in hands, or inches.”

Berrin quietly nudged Freja with his elbow.

“That girl is not old enough for that kind o’thing. If he puts a finger on ‘er…”

Freja sighed. “Don’t worry. There’s never any danger of that. He’s all talk, but…”

“Bugger off!” Hieronimo glared at Kuryon.

“Ah,” said Freja. “There. All solved. It does help to have a frank talk, doesn’t it?”

“Aye it does,” said Berrin, satisfied.

Kuryon hung his head, turned towards Sandra Pike, who was sitting on his other side. He opened his mouth to say something.

“Any port in a storm, Sailor?” Pikeman Pike gave him a steady look with eyes made of steel. “Do feel free to tell me just how pretty I am. You’ve told everyone else. Is it my turn now?”

Kuryon sadly turned his eyes away. Freja chuckled.

Able Seaman Kuryon Swellrider is working his magic on the passengers. Lesser Elves would have given up by now. So would more sensible ones. Oh dear…

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