Dear Commenters, again…

Gentle Readers,

This morning I logged in to find the following comment in my “pending” list, from a poster named “Orion”:

You sir, are a freaking genius. I have been a major fan of your writing, and always enjoy reading any new ones you put up. I honestly check your site every day to see if you have updated without prior warning. You are an amazing author, and I love reading your stories.

Well, how can I disagree with that? If it’s genuine, thank you very much, and I am currently working on another one where I pick up a few characters I stuck on the boat in this one.

The sad thing is that this is precisely the kind of thing that spammers use to get their posts approved. If it would include something like “Was that ‘The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner’ you were referring to?” or “Hang on, I know another guy with a beard and a bear named Ben. Grizzly Adams?” Then I’d know for certain that this was an actual commenter.

It is a sad situation that these days you have to prove that you are really human and not a spoambot, but unless I can tell that this is a real Human, I’m not adding these to the Chronicles.

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