part 17: Kill or be killed

Part 17: Kill or be killed

Captain Andral Fairbreeze looked South with a grim look on his face. Far in the distance, he could see the tip of a mast, and the tops of red and black sails. Navigator Graycloud stood next to him, quiet, an angry look on his weathered face.

“Square rigger,” said Graycloud. “It’ll be on top of us in hours if we head North.”

“Let’s make a tack,” said the Captain. “Put as much distance between them and us as we can, then head South. Just till it gets dark. And then we try to slip by them in the night.”

Dorian Graycloud took a deep breath. “Aye, Cap’n. That’s what I was thinking. Can’t go south for too long, though. Water gets unhealthy there.”

“Orcs or pirates, pirates or Orcs.”

“What about Orc pirates?”

Andral Fairbreeze grinned at his navigator. “Would be consistent with the amount of luck we always have in these waters. Right. Take her through the wind.”

Uh-oh. Pirates. As sure to turn up as ants on a picnic. Well, if they think we’re going to take it lying down, they’ve got another thing coming.

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