part 18: Healing of body and soul

Part 18: Healing of body and soul

The moon was shining brightly, when Aviana’s Wingbeat drew up to the piers of Rut’theran Village. Captain Andral signed himself in, and was shown where he could lie by for a while, until his orders came in. Arranging for his cargo to be re-loaded onto a ship bound for Stormwind took up most of the night. It would appear that the regular ferry between Auberdine and Stormwind would have the necessary space in the hold. Good. Admiralty orders took precedence over everything, of course, but Captain Andral had a reputation to consider. Goods had to be delivered. And then, there was the other thing to be arranged.

“I have dead bodies on board, Dockmaster. Casualties of a fight with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.”

“Elune save us. And you came out of that alive? Well done, Captain.”

The Captain grinned. “We had passengers on board. They didn’t appreciate their trip being disturbed. Could have got ugly otherwise.”

“Well, that’s the first time I hear that passengers are good for something. Usually, they just complain.”

Captain Andral shook his head. “The casualties are passengers, Elune light their path. I suppose they’ll have to be buried here. So I need one Human size coffin, one Dwarf.”

“Hmm. I heard a story once, where a Human admiral-at-sea died in a battle, and for some reason he had to be buried at home. And they were two months away.”

“That sounds like it could have gotten a bit smelly.”

“Well, they had a solution to that. They put him in a coffin, and filled it with brandywine.”

Captain Andral laughed. “Pickled admiral? By the Gods, why is it that all the stories I hear about the Human Navy include strong drink in one way or another?”

The Dockmaster grinned. “Oh, you haven’t heard the best yet. You know how the Human sailors like their drink? And here was the Old Man, bathing in it.”

Captain Andral stared wide-eyed at the Dock master. “Oh, please. Please don’t tell me. They didn’t!”

“With straws. By the time they pulled into port, the Admiral was dryer than a Tanaris Goblin.”

“Right,” said the captain. “I’m not having that on board my girl. So, coffins please.”

Well, we’re back in port. Just in case you’re wondering, The story in the teaser above, I didn’t make up, neither did I rip it off some poor author’s story. It is based on the tale of Admiral Horatio Nelson, and told more or less as I’ve rendered it. Whether it really happened is debatable. Nelson was well respected, and if the sailors had really drunk the preserving liquid, the Admiral would have been somewhat… malodorous. It is likely that this story is the basis for the phrase “tapping the Admiral”, meaning drinking rum on the sly, and most likely not your own.

But anyway. We’ve arrived in Darnassus. Old friends to meet, we’ve got a wounded Night-elf in the galley. Lots to do!

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