part 19: Only a minor set-back

Part 19: Only a minor set-back

They arrived at Saelienne’s, to find Selena there talking to Arador. Lirael, without a word, sat down on his lap and touched her nose to his, looking deep into his eyes.

“Hello, my sweet,” said Arador.

“I see you found Selena. Did you order already?”

“Soup of the day. Chicken salad, grated cheese, easy on the vinaigre,” said Arador.

“Hmm. Today, you live.”

Selena poked Hieronimo. We didn’t know what you wanted, but Arador says everything is good here. Got us both the scare goats for starters and steak and potatoes after. Can’t go wrong with steak and potatoes.

Hieronimo nodded. “Find cow. Kill it. Hold it over a candle for a bit. Give it to us.”

Saelienne walked up, and put some strange utensils in front of Hieronimo and Selena. A very, very small fork and something that looked more at home in a women’s physician’s practice than on a dinner table. Selena picked it up. It was a pair of tongs, but what in Azeroth was it for? She looked at Lirael.

“It’s for the escargots. You’ll see.”

Selena and Hieronimo are about to get in touch with Darnassian culture. Meanwhile, Nix and Interalia find some fun and interesting activities that they can do together.

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