part 20: Shards

Part 20: Shards

Cullan stood on the edge of the Warrior’s Terrace, looking down on the training grounds. Nægling was there, sword out, attacking the strongest of the training dummies. He tilted his head slightly. Something was different about her. Perhaps the difference was that she had no living enemies here. Or Undead ones. He walked down the ramp, to watch her more closely. Some of the sheer ferocity had gone out of her attacks. Also, she was annoyed with herself, that much he could see. She took a few steps back, and Cullan could see her take a better grip on her sword. She took a breath, and leapt at the training dummy again. The Beast within Cullan made him smile to see her strength. She noticed him, looked at him. The Beast wanted him to stick out his tongue and pant at her. Cullan firmly vetoed such an undignified and vulgar thing.

Cullan seems to be taking quite a liking to Nægling.

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