part 21: The Shattering

Part 21: The Shattering

This is Deepholm. It is a place, deep beneath the surface of Azeroth, deep beneath the seas. It is the home of creatures made from stone, moving about with alien expressions on their unmoving faces. There are newcomers here. Soft, squelching creatures made of flesh, or grown from spores. The stone-mother is Queen Therazane, and she is troubled. A little way away from her Throne, there is an area of pain. A red, burning area where there is suffering in ways unimaginable to creatures made of stuff that neither burns nor bleeds. Rivers, seas of magma have flowed from one end of this place to the other while this creature suffered, growing in anger, growing in strength. And now, there are tremors. The force held back will not be held for much longer. Soon it will break free. Queen Therazane ponders slowly. None of her scouts have returned. Sending her stronger servants might be seen as a sign of aggression. Does she care? Maybe. Maybe not. It is always better to take care of problems when they are still small. Perhaps she has left it too late. She considers her children. Are they strong enough to contain the threat? Most likely. Not certainly.

Therazane ponders.

In the penultimate chapter, I’m afraid we are going to hell in a handbasket. By now, everyone knows who lurks, deep below the sea, below Azeroth’s crust. But not much longer.

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