part 22: Be it ever so humble

Part 22: Be it ever so humble

A small Gnome woman was sitting on the wall overlooking Stormwind Harbour. She’d watched the ship come in all the way from the West, make fast to the docks. The gangplank was laid down, and people ran off, summoned mounts and ran off to goodness knows where. Even the arrival of Doom made flesh, didn’t change that. There was still money to be made, tasks to be completed, cargo to move. War was not about swords. The country that could keep up producing steel, food, soldiers, was the country that won. She craned her neck to see better. Ah. Bird Chick came walking down the plank, followed by some Dwarf girl. The Lieutenant followed. A few soldiers, followed by… Interalia grinned. Oh good. Nails had managed not to get herself killed. She got down from the wall, and ran down the ramps to the waterside.

“Nails! Didn’t find any dragons to leap down the throat of, then?”

Nægling kneeled down, and held Interalia’s shoulders. “He flew off before I could volunteer. I see he has been here. It is good to see that you stayed away.”

“Are you kidding? I was in the park when he went off. I had to carry Nix to safety on my back, after the dragon blew off one of my legs.”

Nægling looked down, then back up into Interalia’s face.

“Well, I got better,” said Interalia.

The last chapter. Everybody is heading home, old, new. The calm before the storm. Everyone who is still here, thank you for reading. I have no more chapters, but more will follow. Follow Bannog or watch this space. I will see you again.

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