Griggin Steambender, Warlock EngineerSo, Griggin Steambender is my third character to reach the exalted level of 85! This means that he can now blow his way through the Cata quest lines, and wear every piece of cloth in the game. The dungeon crawl yesterday started at 19%, which for the last level is pretty good going. So now he’s a big boy, I can start on honing his skills and gear for dungeons, heroics, perhaps even raiding. To this end, I’ve started by buying Griggin the Balespider’s robes and gloves, the set bonus of which occasionally makes a little imp appear that shoots fire at my enemies. Nice!

I was also going to do a story featuring all the Gnomercy folks, perhaps commission some artwork for it, but I’m holding off on that. For reasons I won’t go into, I can’t write it the way I want to, which is death to creativity. Essentially, I’d have to either carry on regardless and annoy someone, kill off a character and replace it, or ditch the whole project. The second most important thing to a story is that people enjoy reading it. The most important thing to a story is that I enjoy writing it. If I don’t, then it’ll become mechanical and the story will suffer and be a waste of your Chronicler’s and my readers’ time. Hence, the Gnomercy story goes on ice for now. Maybe later.

So… Where next? I think Griggin (even before, when he was Aquaregis), was not questing a whole lot, and mainly languishing in Ironforge as a banking alt. Now that he’s actually a viable end-game character, I need to work on reputations, which means probably crawling through a lot of low-level dungeons completing quests for all and sundry till they like me enough to give me the things I need. Especially the higher level quests (Wrath, Cata) will also bring in some rather essential money. All of my toons have been spending like mad, on weapons and armour, and I need some gold. Maybe I’ll play the auction house for a bit, though actually that sounds quite a bit like work.

Also, my lovely wife informs me that she’s sent me quite a large number of very shiny items, courtesy of the ITP Clearance Sale. So… Time to log in, open the mail and melt faces!


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