Homo sapiens non in ventum urinat

Those of you who read my stuff know that I basically cannot be bothered to con-lang up my own Draenei, Darnassian, Dwarvish, Gnomish and the like. So when I need to indicate in my stories that someone is speaking, oh, Darnassian, I draw upon my vast knowledge of school French and stick in a few bon mots at the start of the sentence – thus establishing that the Hero probably won’t be able to make heads or tails of it. So now one of the heroes (Hunter S’dezo’houn of Nagrand if you must know), is recovering in hospital and in the next bed over is a Blood-elf… whatever she’ll turn out to be. They’ll get on like a house on fire. So now I need incidental speech in Thalassian, to the effect that she’s going to wait till he’s all better and then kill him, and other nice things. Listening to Blood-elf NPCs talk, I think Latin will be the most appropriate. I have had two years of lessons in Latin. Two decades ago. Google Translate to the rescue!

I foresee Homeric laughter from those of my readership who actually know Latin.

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