Minor breakthrough on the tech front

Well, my little new server (called “hearthstone”) is growing in spurts. DNS and DHCP were easy enough, but LDAP, predictably, proved to be an absolute bastard, what with (a) the slapd package refusing to install at all, and (b) libnss-ldap having a bijoux buggette that causes it to silently refuse to find users in my shiny new LDAP server. That, however, has been worked around for now by judicious use of symlinks. There is a problem left with root being unable to change someone else’s LDAP password, and I think I got the format of the user passwords wrong, but at least Mr. Example User is now known to the rest of the world.

I am very happy that this is working now, but begods, this is not an endorsement for Linux in the home. Of course, I could simply have left the little box in the state I bought it in, but where’s the fun in that? Well, upwards and onwards. Fix that little authentication problem, and then get on with building the file store using Samba.

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