End-of story tristesse…

The current work in progress is drawing to its end. I’ve got one big fight scene to do, and then I need to put my characters in the inn, and like as not put a little sting in the tail like I did with most of my other stories. If you look at the copyright notices at the bottom of my chapters, you’ll see that I’ve been writing WoWfic since 2008. I’ve written four novel-size stories. The meeting of Bannog and Ariciel, the siege on Bannog’s home. Selena’s adventures, growing from a little girl into a fully-fledged hunter. Cuchullainn. The Steambender family. Mareva’s journey to Azeroth. And now then, Ellandriel the High-borne Mage. I’m going to treat myself to an art commission for that story, I think. I have to see if Lindsey is still into WoW fanart.

There are so many people in my head. Naegling, the tough-as-nails Paladin broken because too much force was put on her. The crew of Aviana’s Wingbeat. I hope they will be alright.

I read my first story on the train again – not the story you can find here, but the one before I cleaned it up. Ye gods, I was green then. I tried speaking Saga. Big, big mistake. I think I’ve gathered a nice collection of Stupid Things I No Longer Do. My points of view used to be all over the place. To be honest, I still don’t like to stay in just one character’s head, but I hope I’m handling it better now.

I like my characters. Reading back Interalia’s bits always cheers me up. And I left the poor girl pregnant with Nix’ son. I can’t just leave her like that! I want to know if Smitty and Selena ever find each other. So I’ll probably keep writing the odd bit of WoWfic when I need to escape from the world for a bit, and play with people whose problems I can solve with just a few moves of the keyboard. I’ve got scraps of story for Cresside, V’s main until recently.

But it’s time to move on. My next literary piece will be set in a universe all my own. Much as I enjoy writing WoW, I want to produce something that is mine from the first letter to the last. I’ve been reading steampunk recently. I’m going to give that a go. All I have is a few people in my head, and a shimmer of plot. I wonder who they are, and what they are going to do.

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