*Ding* and welcome, my fourth 85.

Hieronimo the hunter girlSo last night, I took Hieronimo Wildheart, the Dwarf hunter girl into the Twilight Highlands, which is a properly Dwarvish zone. Lots of ale, wild griffins, wild Dwarves and lots of Orcs to pound into the ground. What more can a girl want?

And then of course, some stupid git of a dwarf thinks it’s a good idea to travel be soddin cannon! I’ve got a griffin ye big daftie! So she crash-lands on this zeppelin (goodness only knows how Bjorn, her bear, managed to follow her), blows the thing up, and as she lands in the water… Ding! With the pandas just a little bit over the horizon, I don’t suppose it’s any use gearing her up for heroics. So I think it’s time to max out this girl’s professions. Her herbalism is at full cap. Her inscription (Wot? I thought you didn’t like writing? Oh, it’s glyphs and they’re like drawings. Okay.) is coming along and needs only a small lake of Blackfallow Ink to max out. Cooking, I’ll probably put off till the next Pilgrim’s Bounty.  First Aid. She needs a little nudge into Embersilk territory, and she’s got loads of Embersilk. Fishing… Just a matter of time I suppose.

And then, bring on the sodding pandas!

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