Part 1 – Time to get out of here – The Druid, the Shaman and the Mage

And… we’re off! Sit back, friends, because here is a long one again. 23 chapters of WoWfic.

Part 1: Time to get out of here

Deep within the walls of Eldre’Thalas, the Daemon-creature Immol’thar lay dead, its unworldly body slowly dissolving into nothing as is the way with Daemons. Whether this was truly the end of the creature, or whether its incomprehensible soul would be roaming the Twisting Nethers still, looking for a way to re-enter Azeroth, and take a terrible revenge, nobody could tell. What was clear, was that the Shen’dralar would no longer be able to drain it of mana. Immol’thar would no longer power the spells the Shen’dralar used for their research into the arcane magics of the High-borne. Magics to grant them what, through their own great folly, they had lost. Immortality.


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