The Druid, the Shaman and the Mage new chapters

Part 3: Friends and lovers

“Idiots. Zlotniks. Imbeciles.”

Stetson was hidden in the undergrowth, keeping an iron grip on Morgan’s collar with one hand, his crossbow in the other. Vicious spells turned round in his head, waiting to be cast. His eyes turned upwards, as a raven passed overhead. Bloody Druids. What did they expect a polar tiger to eat? Cabbages? The worst thing was that he’d be pretty hard put to it even to win over one of them, and there were at least a dozen. Tauren, Night-elves. Even one Frost-nymph, may the Light forgive her. A plague on all of them. Stetson’s hunter senses worked overtime, now alerting him to the presence of humanoids, then to beasts. At least there were no Undead. He wondered how long it would be before these madmen would give up. Surely, they would before nightfall?

“Morgan, stay. Do not attack unless I tell you.”

Morgan’s eyes glowed in acknowledgement.

“It’s going to be a long afternoon.”

It seems that Stetson has just met the Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals. They’re a lovely bunch of people, really, as long as you remember not to… Oh. I see you know already.

Part 4: Ouch!

There was a sudden, loud noise, and seemingly from out of nowhere a gruesome creature appeared. It walked close to the ground, on six short strong legs. Its head was dragon-like, with many teeth.

“Basilisk,” shouted Teacher. “Don’t let it look you in the eye!”

At the sound of Teacher’s voice, the basilisk turned round. Teacher raised a hand, but there was a cruel light from the basilisk’s eyes and Teacher froze mid-cast.

“Get… it!” Teacher could only just utter the words, then stopped moving completely.

Ellandriel raised her hand, pointed it at the creature and cut loose.

Ellandriel has a fun and educational meeting with the wildlife native to the Shimmering Flats…


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