The Druid, the Shaman and the Mage new chapter

Part 5: Moving nowhere fast

When last we saw Hunter S’dezo’houn, he was being beaten up by far too many Humans. Let’s see how he is doing. Meanwhile, Ellandriel is confronted with a difficult moral problem in the Shimmering Flats. Luckily it’s someone else’s. Over in Darnassus, Lirael explains why nobody likes Death Knights by slapping Ariciel in the face.

Stetson lay on the ground, trying to roll with the blows and punches of the Humans who’d jumped him. There were at least three attackers. One of them was kicking him in the head, one in the stomach, and a third or fourth was hitting him with a piece of wood. He tried to grab for people’s arms and legs, but to no avail. Someone’s boot stamped down on his hand, and he cried out. Someone kicked him under the tail, and he gasped. What bastard had told people to kick Draenei there? He tried to roll away, only for a piece of wood to land on his back. There was another hard blow to the base of his skull. Stetson did the last thing he could. With a final gasp, he withdrew his mind from his body, making his heart slow down. His breathing stopped. Then, blessed blackness closed in, and he knew no more.

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