The Druid, the Shaman and the Mage part 6.

Part 6: Everybody has work to do

Stetson is on the trail of his brother, which leads to the frozen lands of Death’s Stand, the Wailing Ziggurat. Here, he finds the Death Knight named Thassarian, naked, in a passionate embrace with Koltira… OK, that is a lie. Koltira is nowhere near. And he has all his clothes on, it’s freezing there. Thassarian has a job for Stetson. Ellandriel is enjoying the soggy lands of Dustwallow Marsh. Ariciel and Mareva are merrily skipping through Ashenvale, getting in touch with the trees and the flowers and perhaps some other things that are green.

After Teacher’s admonition about the scorpid in the Shimmering Flats, Ellandriel had developed a keen eye for anything red in tooth and claw, that looked like it wanted to make lunch of two passing High-borne Night-elves. With practice, the paths of magic in her mind became more and more familiar, and as a result, her fireballs became both more accurate and more deadly. She felt a strange satisfaction in watching them strike home. Must be her forest-dwelling hunter instinct awakening in her scholarly, timid, book-wormish bosom.

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