Part 8: I do not normally do this

Part 8: I do not normally do this

Ellandriel and Teacher reach Theramore, and have their first encounter with the Keldorei. Ariciel, Mareva and their unsatisfactory companions reach the Dry Hills in the Barrens, and also meet interesting people. And Stetson wanders into the Necropolis of Drakuru, and encounters a few friends he hasn’t met yet…

They found the road in as good repair as anyone could wish for, and marched along until they reached the gates of Theramore, the main Human settlement in Kalimdor. There was a stone gate, grassy areas. Human soldiers patrolled, or practiced swords in pairs. There were Dwarves, talking and laughing together in their strange, throaty language. Teacher went to ask one of the guards where the inn was, while Ellandriel took in the sights. There was a big yowling, yawning sound behind her, and she looked round. She took a quick breath. Behind her, a band of Night-elves had just come riding up on their black-and-white striped riding tigers. One of the warriors saw her, and grinned, rolling his shoulders. Ellandriel wanted to shrink back, but High-borne Night-elves don’t do that. She raised herself to her full height. Her face turned to stone. The warrior grinned even broader, and bent his bare arm in a way that drew rather a lot of attention to his muscles. Then, there was a shout, and all the Night-elves rode on in the direction of the Keep. There was a hand on Ellandriel’s shoulder and she looked round quickly.

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