Part 9: No love lost

Part 9: No love lost

Ellandriel is finally starting to enjoy herself a bit outside the safe and comfortable walls of the Athenaeum. Mareva’s light sleep gains her some valuable insight into the motives of their Night-elf healer Hirudo, and Stetson has some of the less attractive aspects of Death Knights explained to him.

Mareva woke up at the sound of someone moving past her. She opened her eyes a crack, and saw Healer Hirudo leave their camp. It wasn’t much of a camp. Nothing could be found in the Barrens that would burn, and anyway, attracting the attention of the ever-present Horde would be unwise. Still, why would Druid Hirudo be wanting to leave them? The habit was to make Calls of Nature before you started your watch. Before she knew what she was doing, Mareva opened her sleeping furs, and quietly followed Hirudo. The Druid stopped at a small distance from the camp. As Mareva watched, he pulled some kind of device from his pocket and placed it on the ground in front of him. It glowed with a slow pulsating light. After a few moments, it started to make small noises. Mareva frowned. Communication devices? Someone had been selling things they should not have.

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