Part 10: Why can’t we all just get along?

Part 10: Why can’t we all just get along?

Ariciel and Mareva arrive in Ratchet, with moods that are less than completely tranquil. Ellandriel arrives in Booty Bay, and is mighty glad of the change. Stetson finds himself in the city of Dalaran, and is rushed straight off to hospital.

As she looked up, Ellandriel noticed a light a few hundred yards away, of a red lantern. She had read somewhere that Humans used red lights to read by at night so as not to spoil what little night vision they had. Elves simply read by the light of moon or stars. The light was at the stern of a boat that had just been pulled up on the beach. As she watched, the Humans brought down their sails. One of the sailors grabbed the anchor, walked a few dozen steps trailing the anchor chain with a rattling sound, then buried it into the sand. There was the sound of bottles clinking together. Well, thought Ellandriel, if we are going to sail, then I might as well make some inquiries.

O dear…


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