Part 11: Beyond the darkness

Part 11: Beyond the darkness

Today, we find that most of our heroes are heading for the Dark Portal. Mareva and Ariciel are flying and running, Ellandriel and Teacher are merrily sailing along, and Stetson is heading for Darkness from the comfort of his sick bed. Not the preferred way to do it, but we can but accept that which Fate throws our way.

Stetson turned his eyes away. When he had come in on the gryphon, he could still walk. Now, he couldn’t even sit up. He was getting worse, not better, with the passing days. Matron Olisarra came by often, to see how he was doing, to take more samples of his blood, of the decaying tissue on his legs. Urine samples. Nurse Angelique Butler now had to help him relieve himself into a bottle. With some difficulty, Stetson took a deep breath. His wounds were cursed. Druids could cure poisons or curses, Shaman could cure diseases. But he had something new, something that the healing spells had not seen before. Until a cure was found, he would deteriorate. If it took too long, he would die.


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