Part 12: That which does not heal me, makes me weaker

Part 12: That which does not heal me, makes me weaker

Ariciel and mareva have arrived in Outland, with Ellandriel and her Teacher hot on their heels. Stetson appears to be on the mend, unlike his new-found Blood-elf fellow patient. Of course, there are things you can do in Outland that you can’t do anywhere else… yet.

The thought struck her as she flew, drunk with the excitement of flying, flying as a bird. Freedom! She looked down. The ground was far, far away. She knew already that she could cast this spell on the move. She concentrated, and a moment later, a Night-elf woman hung in the air, supported by absolutely nothing. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, the ground rushed towards her. How fast could she go? She held her hands forward, turning her fall into a dive. With a wild grin on her face, down she sped. The wind rushed in her ears. Her hair flapped madly in her face. She took a deep breath, plunging down faster and faster.

Ariciel screamed!

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